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  • Hello to those who wish to challenge themselves by reading this Bio.
    A little longer than usual, I hope my words will reveal who I truly am. 

My name is Rafaela. I’m a mix of European and South American. I believe that this mix of genes has been very beneficial for me.

Let me describe myself and my interests in traveling. In closing, I will describe my feelings for the United States – a wonderful country. If you think we might have something in common, let’s explore whether I can perhaps be a delightful companion for you. My goal is to meet the people who will appreciate all aspects of my character.

Let’s start with my love for travel…

The first thing that comes to my mind is a cozy warm cup of tea in Granada Spain looking at the Alhambra, One of the most wonderful structures I have ever looked upon. What a wonderful experience! I was sipping a delicious cup of exotic tea while I was looking at this amazing and mysterious structure. I was there recently thinking about my future and planning my next move. I need to travel to get to see how marvelous this planet is and to appreciate it even more. Being inside a wonderful location like the Alhambra can inspired you! While I’m traveling I feel in contact with this magical planetary energy. I have been traveling all over the world to learn and to appreciate cultures. Another of my favorite countries is Israel. What a spiritual and magical place. It is specially so on Shabbat night, when you can feel the calmness and the holiness of the country. Another country that I adore is Japan because of their religious beliefs. Shinto religion is the most popular religion there.The religion believes that respecting our ancestors is part of who we are. Greece was just delightful, since I went to sleep listening to stories of Greek mythology, thanks to my mother. I had always wanted to go there. Being in Athens walking through the museums was reliving those stories in my memory. I love traveling because I learn about something new everywhere I go.

And now, my passion for learning…

I’m an educated woman. I have an undergraduate degree in marketing and arts. I think theories of the market are important in understanding the function of economics. Equally, the arts are fundamental part of human artistic creativity. One of my favorites artists is François Boucher. His work “The four Seasons 1755” it has such delightful scenes with romantic feelings for each season.

I finished a Masters degree in Liberal studies. I had the opportunity to study different subjects from the development of psychology, to global history and consciousness. In my psychology class I learned how siblings are different from each another and we have innate qualities we born within. I took history classes specifically about the discovery of America , but with a different perspective as if those who came as colonizers were visionaries putting themselves in danger to follow an idea and ending up discovering a new continent.

In my consciousness class, I learned that the world works based on ideas and beliefs that our culture imposes. But at the end, everything is just an idea that we believe in strongly as part of a group culture. Another class that I took was about the American Constitution. What a beautiful document that has changed the lives of many people. My favorite amendment is the ninth. Why? Because it is there to preserve the rights of the people.
I have always thought the key of everything is looking through a different perspective. I love developing and learning, that is one of the best parts of my life.

I have a deep love for America. It is the best country in the planet because you can always start again. There is much culture to see here. My favorite museum in New York is the Tenement museum, because it brings back to life the stories of immigrants – Jews, Italians, Irish, Germans and Puerto Rican’s who were coming here since the mid-1800’s looking for a fresh start. As I mentioned, America is a country where you can start again. One of the most interesting parts of American history to me is the time of Reconstruction after the Civil War. Once I went to the New York Historical Society to see an exhibit about the Reconstruction period. The exhibition was about how 4 million African-Americans were freed after the Civil War. They were ready to start again – a new life with a new identity in this country. That was extremely powerful to me, because these people were creating a new life from nothing!

Hopefully now you have read why I love to travel , why education is important to me, and why I love America, you will have a feeling for who I am.
As you see, I don’t think you will ever get bored with me. I adore listening and talking to get to know each other. I highly value human connection because through that we can think and grow together. Nothing is more wonderful than to think and come up with new ideas to become a better version of ourselves.

  • A love star-crossed is merely a love out of this world, of outer space, blessed by the Gods, that society is envious of
What is the significance of intimacy to me?

Imagine that you and I are about to eat something warm and we can smell the delicious spices of the food we are about to taste. That is how I think about intimacy – a warm plate that creates the aroma of the enchanting bite we are about to taste together.

Let’s start by saying to the universe that I truly believe that our encounter will be magical. I have confidence that we encounter people in our life for a reason. If something in this profile has sparked something in you, and we perhaps meet, I want you to know that I have an open heart and so feeling comfortable next to me will be easy. If you also have an open heart and mind, creating intimacy between us will be mystical. We will be two strangers getting to know each other… being seduced by their bodies.

Creating a feeling of warmth and closeness, while my lips are drawing nearer to yours. The sound of your heart beating next to my heart. Making us feel connected through our bodies ready to dance together…and immersing in one. Looking at each other’s eyes while my legs are hugging your entire body, then we will keep pushing this dance, prolonging these movements to adjust our bodies to this dance – until we will reach ecstasy together.

What is my concept of friendship?

I believe that the best kind of friendship is that which lovers might develop for each other. It is a philia that is born out of erôs and that in turn feeds back into erôs to strengthen and develop it. Like philosophy itself, erôs aims at transcending human existence, at connecting it with the eternal and infinite, and thereby at achieving the only true species of immortality that is open to us as human beings. Not only does philia strengthen and develop erôs, but it also transforms it from a lust for possession into a shared desire for a higher level of understanding of the self, the other, and the universe; in short, it transforms erôs from a lust for possession into an impulse for philosophy. This opens up a blissful life of shared understanding in which desire, friendship, and philosophy are in perfect resonance with one another.



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